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Let us cater your next event, meeting, or gathering with our fresh brewed coffee, lattes, chai, tea, mochas, hot cider, or hot chocolate!  Available for Pick-Up or Delivery!

Don't forget about the fresh baked goods from Boneshaker's kitchen!
Click on the Menu tab to see what we offer, and have us bake treats for your next occasion.

• Six drink minimum order!

• All Delivery orders must be faxed.

• $5 Delivery Fee for all orders south of Main Street.

• Orders requesting 3 or more airpots, or 8 or more drinks, will have a 15% gratuity added.

• Airpots ordered less than 6 hours (day of orders) or the day before (morning orders) will have a 15% expedite fee.

Boneshaker Portable Airpots

Brewed Coffee

96 oz. $19.00*

Flavored Coffee

96 oz. $20.00*


96 oz. $26.00**

Flavored Latte

96 oz. $32.00**

Flavored Latte with Soy

96 oz. $34.00**

Caramel Big Wheel

96 oz. $34.00**

Flavored Caramel Big Wheel

96 oz. $36.00**

Café Mocha

96 oz. $34.00**

Flavored Café Mocha

96 oz. $36.00**

Chai Latte

96 oz. $34.00**

Hot Chocolate

96 oz. $24.00**

Flavored Hot Chocolate

96 oz. $27.00**

Hot Apple Cider

96 oz. $20.00*

96 oz. airpots are disposable coffee carriers.

All airpots include cups, napkins, straws, creamer, and sweetener.

All airpots and pastries are to be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.

All same day airpots and pastries ordered add 15% gratuity.